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Company Overview

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  • EstablishedJanuary 03, 1990
  • CEO/CTOMr. Young-Kwon Lee
  • Business FormManufacturers & Exporters

Keumbee Electronics was established in 1990. Developing electric charger for mobile phone from the starting, Withexcellent quality assurance systems,Keumbee Electronics became to be an official provider and vendor to major customers are Korea Telecom and Motorola. Keumbee Electronicsstarted MP3 business with well organized manufacturing experience of electronic consumer goods and is getting a good reputation for high quality control and good taking care of customers.

As results of these efforts, Keumbee Electronics has accomplished continuous expansion and sale increase through successful performance of OEM and ODM with several leading companies in global market as well as in domestic market as a OEM/ODM provider and partner of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, SHARP, MOTOROLA, KT and was acknowledged as the company good products.