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Keumbee Electronics is a company that specializes in the development and production of products and technologies for customers within different sectors, from consumer electronics to sectors demanding more industrialized technologies. Through a trusted network of partners Keumbee Electronics is constantly on top of new trends and technologies that emerge.

A new and innovative Solar System in development. Keumbee Electronicsis currently undertaking a development project, a series of new products to launch in 2015, the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2016. This includes products within all current product lines carried by Keumbee Electronics, as well as the development of new and more complex convergence products.

Keumbee Electronics takes great pride in delivering high quality products to our clients and assures this through utilizing a network of some of the very best R&D- and manufacturing environments in the world.

Keumbee Electronicshas through several development projects with customers from different sectors proven to be capable of delivering high quality products at an affordable price and at a high turnaround pace. All our employees and partners are dedicated to delivering a product that exceeds the customer expectations.