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Solar Powered ECO-Friendly Portable LED Lantern
Thick Global, Think Green Business, Manufacturer, Patent, Production by Keumbee Electronics Co., Ltd. Made in Korea


Farewell Dry Cell. No need dry cell, No more dry cell anymore!!

Camping, Outing, Walking, Hiking, Fishing, Outdoor Leisure Activities with Family and loved ones

Do you still pack the dry cell?

No more heavy, expensive dry cell, there is no reason to pack.
Wherever in the SUN, wherever you Go, SOLAIZER enlighten your surroundings.

Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Outdoor, Learning/Reading, Night Work, Camping, Night Activities

Once fully charged, 11 hours of continuous use! Your Camping's essential, ECO-friendly LED Camping Light.

Sick of toy levels of low-grade solar lantern? Now feel free to discard any preconceived notions.

SOLAIZER developed for the purpose of full use real outdoor activites. It's a Practical Rechargeable Camping Lantern.

SOLAIZER is a solar energy rechargeable lantern comprized of solar cell, Litum-ion battery and LED lamp.
Battery is charged by solar cell to operate the LED lamp. When fully charged. It can be used up to 11 hours in regular brightness.

Key Features of SOLAIZER, ECO-friendly LED Portable Lantern


  • Built-in Lithium-ion Battery that ensures a long life
  • Built-in Lithium-ion Battery that ensures a long life
    Never compare to unstable cheap and short-life lead-acid battery.
    Use only Korean made lithium-ion battery in domestic production.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
    MPPT : Maximum Power Point Tracking
    World First Function
    MPPT automatically tracks to maintain the best charging status.
  • Generation Maximum Power Indicator
  • Generation Maximum Power Indicator
    GMPI : Generation Maximum Power Indicator
    World First Function
    GMPI measures the generated amount and indicates the status by LED.
  • Protecting battery
  • Protecting battery
    Battery is protected by automatic power shut off in cases of low voltage due to discharging or
    high voltage due to over charging.
  • Indicating battery charging amount
  • Indicating battery charging amount
    Displaying battery charging amount with different indicator LED light.
  • Indicating residual battery amount and solar generating status.
  • Indicating residual battery amount and solar generating status.
    Multi-Color LED indicator shows two functional status.

Using : Displaying battery residual amount with 3 different LED light.

Green 70~100%, Orange 70~40%, Red 40~0%
Charging by solar panel: Displaying solar power generation efficiency and fully charged status. With solar charging mode, Each LED color indicate the state of solar power generation status.
  • Green : When solar power generation efficiency is the best(the sun is the strongest)
  • Orange : When solar power generation efficiency is midpoint(the sun is strong)
  • Red : When solar power generation efficiency is the lowest(cloudy weather)

When the sun is strong, user can adjust the angle of solar panel to have green or orange indicator light come on and maximize the charging and generation efficiency. This function allows user to find out the optimum tilt of solar panel very easily and to install solar cell for the maximum charging point.(GMPI function-WORLD FIRST)

It automatically tracks the maximum power output from solar panel and to maintain the best charging status.(MPPT function-WORLD FIRST)

With solar generating mode, LED indicator is blinking at intervals of 1 second. User can check current solar generation efficiency and status When fully charged, Green LED is blinking slowly at intervals of 3~4seconds regardless of the generating status.

Adjustable 3 brightness Mode User can adjust 3kinds of brightness mode

1 mode regular brightness mode, 2 mode Max. brightness mode, 3 mode blinking emergency mode
User can adjust the angle of LED lamp direction!
The having 150° rotationable Knob with combination of six high-brightness LED Jog search light.

Fishing, hiking, camping, night work in outside, Adjust various angles of LED Lamp to the front or to the point what you want.

adjustable LED angle knob!
Have you ever embrassing experience due to discharged battery of cell phone in outdoor?

SOLAIZER can be your emergency rechargeable battery charger.

2Mounted USB charging port for Mobile Devices

Cell phone and MP3 players, digital carmera, a variely of small devices can be charged.
Do not have to carry around in your hands everytime.

SOLAIZER brightly illuminate your dining table with a tent in ourdoor. It's real camping lantern.

Using the bottom of mounted Hook for hanging various gears, lantern pile driver, camping daisy chain, lantern stand.

Mounted Hook for hanging verious gears., Lantern pile driver, Camping daisy chain, Lantern stand

Support Solar/DC Adaptor Dual Charging Mode
It supports Solar and DC Adaptor(12V/500mA) charging.

Support Solar/DC Adaptor Dual Charging Mode
Support Solar/DC Adaptor Dual Charging Mode
Product Structure
1 Solar Energy Cell 6 Status indicator
2 Litum-ion battery Inside 7 Litum-ion battery Inside
3 LED lamp 8 USB Charging outport
4 LED lamp direction change knob 9 USB ON/OFF Toggle Switch
5 LED lamp switch 10 USB ON/OFF Indicator
Support Solar/DC Adaptor Dual Charging Mode
Item Major Parts Specification
1 Solar Cell 9.2V x 200mA = 1.84Wh
2 Litum-ion Battery 3.6V x 2.2Ah
3 LED Lamp 1.2W(0.2W x 6)
4 USB Outport DC5V/700mA(max)
5 Brightness Brightness
6 Dimension(W x H x D) 167 x 200 x 50mm
7 Weight 435g
8 Best Charging Temp./Humidity 0~40°C/0~95%
Charging battery

After certain period of time with usage of LED lamp the indicator light will blink in red and the LED lamp will turn itself off if the battery is running low. The battery should be recharged using solar cell or adaptor to be useful again. There are two ways to charge as follows.

Charging by solar cell

(1) Charging by solar cell

  • Indicator LED displays the charging status of solar cell and when fully charged.
  • To install solar cell for the maximum charging, please refer to Fig.1 and 2 for the placement of solar cell. Place in such direction and angle to possibly have green indicator light come on.
  • If the solar cell is installed indoor, battery charging may not be as effective due to thickness of window pane, color of window tinting if any, direction or angle of the solar cell. It is the same in cloudy or rainy weather conditions. It is recommended to install the solar cell outdoor.
  • If the battery is completely discharged, it may take up to two days in sunny weather to fully recharge it

(2) To charge using the adaptor(more than 12V/500mA) indicator LED light will display charged amount of battery.
When charging with the adaptor, connect the adaptor to output jack of Power Control Unit. It may indicate higher than 30V or battery charging circuit may be out of order. Please inquire at the place of purchase. To protect the battery, recharging may be terminated automatically.

morning, noon, evening

  • 1. Do not spill water or liquid on power control unit or lamp. Do not leave the product outside when raining.
  • 2. Place the product away from heater, heat source or pressurized container.
  • 3. Placement angle of the solar cell, dust on the solar cell, or whether it is placed indoor or outdoor as well as the weather conditions may affect how well it recharges.
  • 4. For the best charging result, the solar cell has to be placed directly facing the Sun.
  • 5. If the product is not in use for prolonged period, please recharge at least once every six month for longevity.
  • 6. With prolonged use, indicator LED light may blink in red then the lamp may turn itself off. Please recharge using solar cell or adaptor in this case.