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Greeting from CEO

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Welcome to Keumbee Electronics Co., Ltd.

It is my honor to welcome you to Keumbee Electronics. Keumbee Electronics can provide electronic manufacturing service as well as consultant work related to an idea and / or development of an idea from the very initial phases to development and manufacturing, as well as full roll out plan on distribution.
Through a trusted network of partners,Keumbee Electronics effectively and cost efficient handles all parts of the product development process.

Keumbee Electronics is always looking for new product ideas and would very much appreciate customers and partners’suggestions on new and exciting products.
"Healthy relationship, Wealthy Results." That is our company slogan. All suggestions will be handled professionally and comments on how to proceed with the idea will be sent you in return.

Thank you again for the time you are taking to visit us here at Keumbee Electronics website. We do hope you will visit us again soon.

Young-Kwoun, Lee