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Development Process

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Please see the model under for more in-depth information on how Keumbee Electronics may help you in the process to a new product.

  • 1. Idea / product concept
  • 2. Industrial design and R&D
  • 3. Production
  • 4. After sales service
1Idea / product concept
Keumbee Electronics can assist in the development of the idea, or we can take your finished idea and help you on the way to a finished product. When the idea is formed, a full product concept plan is developed.
2Industrial design and R&D
In this phase of the development project, the customer may already have the final design ready for Keumbee Electronics to further develop, or can take the full design and R&D work on the project based on phase 1.
The production phase of the process includes extensive quality testing in pre production, as well as final packaging design and logistics.
4After sales service
We know the importance of product quality and the need for full after service of the products. We are happy to undertake such service for the customer