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MFD(Multi Function Device)

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1 Multi Functional Energy Storage System)

Multipurpose off Grid Solar Home Generation Power System ECO-friendly LED Lamp System
Thick Global, Think Green Business, Manufacturer, Patent, Production by Keumbee Electronics Co., Ltd. Made in Korea

MCU-140WU(Solar  Multi-functional Device )
(Solar Multi-functional Device )

 When Battery fully charged, if using 5hrs per a day(3.6W LED), it can supply          
    8days(40hrs.) living lighting continuously. , it can fully charge 21EA x iphone5 continuously.

MCU-140WU, SPV Panel,  3.6W Lamp , DC Fan, Amplifier & Mike

Sick of toy levels of low-grade solar lantern?
Now feel free to discard any preconceived notions.

SOLAIZER developed for the purpose of full use real outdoor activites.
It's a Practical Rechargeable Camping Lantern.
Multipurpose-off Grid Portable Solar Home Generation Power System

LED lamp for Home, camping, fishing, leisure, outdoor activities and night work
Basic living lighting for the developing country people who are suffering from chronic lack of power, despite abundant sunshine.
Emergency lighting for people who in mountainous areas and residents of rural areas.
Basic living power supply to run on electric fan for the Residents of the rural areas in high temperature and humidity.

LED Lamp Model No LP-036W(Basic) LP-050W(Option) LP-075W(Option) LP-090W(Option)
Power Consumption Luminous Intensity 3.6W/432lm 5W/600lm 7.5W/900lm 9W/1,080lm
Lighting Time MCU-140WU 40Hr 28Hr 19Hr 16Hr
MCU-280WU 80Hr 56Hr 38Hr 32Hr
MCU-420WU 120Hr 84Hr 57Hr 48Hr
MCU-560WU 160Hr 112Hr 76Hr 64Hr

It's your EMERGENCY GREEN Rechargeable Battery Charger!
HUGE Capacity!!

1 Full set contents and Specification

Solar Module 1EA
Solar Module 1EA
Product Specification
Item Description Model No.
Main Control Unit Input Voltage DC12~27V
Output Voltage DC10.8V~12.6V
USB Output DC5V/1A x 2Port
Max Output
Overcurrent Protection
6.6A 13.2A
Dimension (W x D x H) 124x261x170mm
Weight 2.7kg 3.4kg 4.5kg 5.2kg
Battery Capacity 10.8V/13Ah 10.8V/26Ah 10.8V/39Ah 10.8V/52Ah
Battery Weight 0.7kg 1.38kg 2.06kg 2.74kg
Solar Cell Output Power 20W(18V/1.11A) 40W(18V/2.22A) 60W(18V/3.33A) 80W(18V/4.44A)
Dimension(W x D x H) 510x355x20mm 678x500x25mm 690x678x30mm 905x678x30mm
Weight/Cable length 2.7kg/15m 4.7kg/15m 5.7kg/15m 7.2kg/15m
LED Lamp 3.6W Power consumption
Luminous Intensity
Dimension(W x D x H) 180mm x 90mm x 90mm
Weight/Cable length 1kg/5m

Product Contents

product contents

Parts Name

  • 1. Power Switch
  • 2. Power indicationg lamp
  • 3. Status indicator LED(Battery Charging/Battery Status/Solar Charging indicator)
  • 4. USB Charging Outport A
  • 5. USB Charging Outport B
  • 6. USB Output A indicator
  • 7. USB Output B indicator
  • 8. Handle
  • 9. Litum-ion Battery/internally installed
  • 10. Solar cell charging input/jack
  • 11. Adaptor charging input jack
  • 12. Fuse(circuit breaker)
  • 13. Power output jack (to connect lamp or other equipment)
  • 14. LED Lamp
  • 15. Light Sensor (turns on/off according to amount of light automatically)